European doctors, academics and lawyers voice alarm on gender transition and self-ID

European doctors, academics and lawyers have published a series of open letters and articles voicing alarm on gender transition and self-identification. Gender ideology is being pushed aggressively across many European countries, resulting in more and more young people who say they ‘feel’ they don’t match their anatomical sex. There are also plans to completely remove reference to biological sex on identity cards.

The first open letter was published in La Libre, one of Belgium’s most widely read daily newspapers. The letter states:

“Today, there are more and more young people… who say they ‘feel’ they don’t match their anatomical sex. Is it love, and are we being responsible adults, if we immediately and unconditionally grant them this power of self-determination?” … “What is disconcerting, is that even though, in the spirit of openness that characterises our democratic societies, as we prepare to take into account the wishes of those who no longer want to be identified as women or men, some now seem to be demanding that none of us be identified in society as a woman or a man and, in the process, as a mother or a father.”

The article questions the role of adults in guiding and helping young people who claim transgender identity, and raises the dangers of the affirmation-only model. Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves how it is that such a conviction has become so frequent in such a short time?”

Those behind the La Libre articles also launched a petition and manifesto, supported by a larger, European-wide network, titled “A European manifesto for an objective approach to “gender change” of minors in the media.”

The manifesto, signed by scientists, doctors and academics of the humanities and social sciences calls upon the public service and private media of France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other European countries “to faithfully represent serious studies and scientifically established data concerning ‘gender dysphoria’ of children in programs intended for a large audience.”

Gender reassignment is often presented as a miracle solution to the problems of adolescence in the media, the authors claim…

“This has resulted in an increased number of young people who self-identify as ‘trans’    the number of requests has increased twenty-fivefold in less than ten years. At the same time, under the guise of tolerance, a ‘sexual education’ is being developed in schools from primary school onwards, which in no way takes into account the psychological immaturity of children, exposing them to intrusive and confusing content that serves this ideological agenda.”

“As scientists, childcare professionals and academics, we strongly disagree with the assertion that women and men are merely social constructs or perceived identities. We do not choose our sex. One is born a girl or a boy. One’s sex is established at birth and registered and each person constructs an identity that is never fixed and that evolves over time, something which is too often ignored. One can change the appearance of one’s body but never its chromosomal basis.”

Read both articles (they’re published in French, so you might need the assistance of Google Translate)…

*This post was written by Family First staff writers.

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