Euthanasia would have ‘far-reaching impacts’

courtNZ Herald 21 April 2015
A group opposed to euthanasia says allowing terminally ill woman Lecretia Seales to take a lethal dose of drugs would have far-reaching impacts on New Zealand society.

Ms Seales, 42, is dying from brain cancer and says she has a right to end her life with medical assistance before her suffering becomes unendurable.

In a hearing in the High Court at Wellington today, three groups are seeking to join Ms Seales’ case and have their say in court.

The Human Rights Commission, Care Alliance Trust and Voluntary Euthanasia Society want to weigh in on the legal challenge.

Care Alliance, a coalition opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide, said groups that worked with the elderly, infirm and in the field of suicide prevention had to be heard.

Terminally ill Wellington woman begins fight to die
3News 21 April 2015
Groups opposed to voluntary suicide say a terminally ill Wellington lawyer’s bid to legally end her own life sets a dangerous precedent which will harm society’s more vulnerable people.

The Care Alliance wants to be heard in the case of Lecretia Seales, the 42-year-old who has terminal brain cancer and is asking the High Court to uphold her right to die at the time of her choosing.

She has asked the court for a declaratory judgment that would protect her GP from criminal prosecution if, and when, her doctor assists her to die.

Ms Seales argues that under section nine of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, she has a right not to be subjected to cruel, degrading or disproportionately severe treatment.

The case will be heard next month between Ms Seales’ lawyers and the Attorney-General.


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