Former transsexual says surgeons too quick to operate

doctorThe Christian Institute 28 January 2015
A man who underwent a sex change then had it reversed is warning that surgeons are too quick to operate in cases like his.

Walt Heyer, 74, now advises people who want to have a sex change that their problem is psychological.

Heyer, from Los Angeles, was married with two children before he had surgery to look like a woman in the 1980s.

Very very upset’
He got divorced three months before the operation, after which he lived as Laura Jenson.

His daughter – who was 15 at the time – was “very, very upset” by his decision, and his twelve-year-old son said it would have been “easier” if Heyer had died.

He described the physical transition from male to female as a “battle”, but it wasn’t until he began studying psychology that he decided the sex change had been a mistake.



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