Mother removes sons from school, because of its outrageous and abusive agenda

Megyn Kelly is an American journalist, attorney, and television news anchor. She’s also a caring mother, who was shocked to discover the radical, abusive agenda being forced on her children at school. She was so concerned that she removed her own sons from school after they were repeatedly asked if they’re ‘still sure’ they’re boys! Yes, Gender Identity ideology is being forced upon school children like never before, and according to Ms Kelly it’s “creating mental health problems” and is “100 percent abusive.” While this particular story comes from America, it could also be happening here in New Zealand schools, as our own Ministry of Education has told schools to “let students choose their own gender identities and names” … and parents are not even notified. Kiwi parents need to be alert, and forever enquiring as what our children are being taught in schools.

Below are some excerpts from the interview with Megyn Kelly (full article here)

“In my sons’ school they asked the boys, one of the best all-boys schools in the country, whether they were ‘still sure’ they were boys,” Kelly said. “Are they ‘still sure’? They asked them that weekly. Weekly, as if they had changed their minds.”

“And none of that was disclosed to the parents,” said Kelly. “It’s one of those things you find out when your kids come home after the fact. It’s outrageous, it’s confusing, and 100%, abusive.

Kelly also noted that “if we don’t have parents with microphones standing up against it, then we surrender and are complicit in it.”

Just in case you don’t think this could possibly happen in New Zealand, then think again. Here’s just one example of what our own Ministry of Education are advising:

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