Mother slaps son for taking part in Baltimore riots


The Telegraph 28 April 2015 
A mother has been praised for disciplining her son for taking part in the violence in Baltimore that erupted on Monday.

The woman was caught on camera recognising her son, even though he was wearing a black face mask, and berating him for throwing rocks at police.

The boy can be seen trying to walk away from his mother, but she continues to shout and slap him for his actions.

The woman has been hailed “Mom of the year” by many on social media, including Fox Business network contributor Charles V Payne.

Hundreds of rioters looted stores, burned buildings and at least 15 police officers were injured following the funeral of a 25-year-old black man who died after suffering a spinal injury in police custody.

The riots broke out blocks from where the funeral of Freddie Gray took place and spread through much of west Baltimore.

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