New Zealand children facing frequent and consistent bullying at preschool

Child - Preschool-BullyingStuff 26 June 2017   
Potentially damaging bullying is hurting New Zealand children even in preschool, and psychologists say it’s time to take the issue seriously.
The University of Auckland’s longitudinal study Growing up in New Zealand has this month released its Now We Are Four report which shows a concerning number of 4-year-olds have dealt with bullying on a regular basis.
The report’s researchers found bullying behaviour started early and was a frequent and persistent experience for some.
For around one in ten children, being bullied or picked on had been a part of life since they were two years old.
Just over a third of children had been bullied or picked on by other children at some stage by the time they were 4.
The report’s director Susan Morton said the numbers were both concerning and surprising. “We are interested to see what impact it will have as children transition to school and on their academic success and their mental health.”
Questions about bullying were put to parents of about 7000 children, who answered based on their perceptions of their children and how often they were upset by their peers.

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