Parents concerned over online risk

internet unsupervisedNZ Herald 31 March 2015
Parenting Place researcher says instilling ‘good character’ best defence against accessing unsavoury content.

The hidden dangers of the online world are a growing concern among parents, as screens of all shapes and sizes become a regular feature in children’s lives.

A Colmar Brunton Survey, commissioned by NZ on Air and the Broadcasting Standards Authority, shows that parents are most concerned about their children watching sexual material online, including pornography.

Seventy-two per cent in this latest survey said their children’s gaining access to such material was concerning, compared with only 30 per cent in 2007.

While 51 per cent of children have reported not coming across anything unsavoury while online, 9 per cent of those aged 9 to 14 in the survey reported stumbling across pornography, 6 per cent saw something sex-related online and 17 per cent reported having unwanted screens pop up.

Despite this, only 9 per cent of parents in the survey had installed any filtering software.

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