Queer activists and the media go after more Christian schools

Over the past weeks, we’ve seen disturbing Government over-reach and directives into the beliefs of Bethlehem College, plus the unjust removal of Family First’s charitable status (primarily for their beliefs on marriage). There has also been the disgraceful hate campaign targeted at respected Christian counsellor David Riddell.

Many are now wondering if there is in fact a state agenda to clamp down on Christian beliefs in New Zealand.

And the witch-hunt continues with three more Christian schools now being identified and targeted for their biblical beliefs (surely Christian schools are entitled to hold biblical beliefs?).

LGTBQI activists and the Media have been researching and ‘outing’ any Christian school that holds biblical beliefs on marriage and gender – those beliefs being that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that only two genders exist. Activists are saying Christian schools are ‘Institutional Homophobia’.

This week, Stuff published a heavily biased article that identifies three ‘offending’ schools – Maranatha Christian School in Lower Hutt, Cornerstone Christian School in Palmerston North, and Matamata Christian School. These schools are being targeted because, like Bethlehem College and Family First, they hold biblical beliefs on marriage and gender.

Queer advocates have now petitioned Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Education Minister Chris Hipkins and associate education minister Jan Tinetti, demanding a formal inquiry into “wholesale LGBTQI discrimination and bullying in our education system”. Source: Stuff

So apparently mainstream Christian beliefs are now considered as “wholesale discrimination and bullying towards LGBTQI”. Activists believe the bullying to be so severe that a formal governmental inquiry is being demanded.

Queer activists wrongly believe that any state-funded school must adopt state-mandated beliefs on same sex marriage and gender ideology. This is incorrect, as these Christian schools are Designated Character Schools with the right to retain and express their religious beliefs, according to the Education and Training Act 2020. Being part-funded by the state (mostly for maintenance on their buildings) does not restrict a Character School’s right to retain and express their religious beliefs.

Queer rights advocate Shaneel Lal demonstrated a complete lack of understanding on matters by stating:

“The church and state were separated for a reason. The church is encroaching on children’s right to a safe education.”

This is a totally flawed understanding of the concept – separation of church and state. Shaneel really needs to read our article on this subject.

So is it now ‘unpalatable’ for mainstream Christian beliefs to still exist in New Zealand society, especially within the education sector? What do you think?


Written by Family First staff writers.


Extreme bias being published in Stuff …

anti queer policy or simply religious freedom

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