Questioning your gender at age 2!? Gender confusion.

gender confusionNZ Herald 15 February 2015
The kids at school call Milla Brown “gay-girl” and “weirdo” – but in an astonishing video inspiring millions around the world the young Kiwi says he only wants people to accept him for who he is.

Milla, 9, was born a girl but identifies with the male gender.

The heartbreaking video documents the journey and explains his struggles and distress at the idea of becoming a woman. It reveals how he insisted on wearing boys’ clothes from two years old and later demanded all his blonde hair be cut off.

Despite constant bullying, Milla insists he is staying with the decision and the video is a plea for understanding and support.

“Nobody wants to be my friend,” Milla says. “I just want people to accept me for who I am.”

By last night the video had been viewed five million times and shared by more than 100,000 people.

Kiwi transgender boy’s online video draws applause
NZ Herald 16 February 2015

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