Select Committees get stacked with biased activists

There are two controversial pieces of legislation before Parliament. The ‘conversion therapy’ bill, and the ‘birth certificates’ bill. Both are controversial because they directly challenge our understanding of biology and gender, and criminalise anyone who thinks differently from the woke narrative on these issues.

During the public submission stage, you would hope that the committee would be as unbias as possible and would be willing to give an equal and fair share to both sides of the debate.

Think again.

Here’s the Justice Select Committee currently hearing submissions on the conversion therapy bill. The two circled MPs are not actually MPs on this committee.

Here’s the Governance and Administration Select Committee currently hearing submissions on the birth certificates ‘being based on feelings’ bill. The two circled MPs have shown up again (!) and are not actually MPs on this committee.

Now a party can ask for MPs to ‘sub in’ other MPs who are busy – understandably – and that has been happening. A smorgasbord of MPs faces throughout the hearings.

But these two MPs can somehow find the time to attend both committee meetings for the whole time – while no other MP can find that time.

These two MPs – Louisa Wall from Labour and Elizabeth Kerekere from the Greens – both are extreme activists in the area of gender ideology and sexuality – and both these bills are highly controversial bills in this area.

This is how the government does debate. It stacks the committee with people who have a fixed agenda, and then pretend to ‘dialogue’.

It’s why many people don’t trust the democratic process as it is currently run.

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