SIGN THE PETITION – Protect Families

We’ve been made aware of an awful exhibition happening in Christchurch which includes material which will be highly offensive to many families.

From our friend and blogger Brendan Malone…

“Canterbury Museum has chosen to display an extremely graphic and highly offensive t-shirt with a picture of a nun masturbating and the words “Jesus is a c*nt” printed on it as part of a new exhibition.

Museums are supposed to be places that bring communities together, not places that foster division and intolerance, or deliberately target large sections of the community with hateful and offensive acts like this.

To make matters worse: Canterbury Museum is funded by the rate paying citizens of Canterbury, meaning that many of the very people who are having their religious beliefs obscenely ridiculed by this t-shirt are also being forced to fund this offence as well.

Sign this petition to ask Canterbury Museum to act with more community responsibility, and respect for its local funders by removing this t-shirt from its exhibition right now.”

Please join Family First NZ as we make a stand for decency, respect and family values in New Zealand. It only takes a minute, but your voice counts.

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