State Has Duty & Child Has Right to Name of Father

fatherlessnessMedia Release 2 June 2017
Family First NZ is rejecting statements by Green MP Jan Logie that women should not have to name the father of their child. 
“Not only does the state have a right to pursue the father for his contribution to the welfare of the child, but the child has a right to know who the biological father is. Some fathers want to be involved in the life of their child and should not be excluded simply because the mother won’t name them. The state has every right and responsibility to request this information. Fathers have a responsibility – even hopeless ones,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 
“Ms Logie is using an example that is already catered for in the law but was simply badly applied by the government agency. But it has revealed her true intention of wanting to exclude fathers.” 
“The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children have the right to know his or her parents.” 
“The State has a duty to call the father to responsibility because ultimately it is about the care and welfare of the child – which is why the state got involved in the first place, but the child also has a right to be able to know who their biological father is. Ms Logie should not be trying to deny that right, or the rightful role and responsibility of fathers,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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