Study finds alcohol labelling `highly deficient’

Otago Daily Times 22 May 2018
Family First Comment: It does make you wonder why governments won’t regulate for this, and why the alcohol industry is so opposed to it.
Who’s REALLY in control?!
“Regulated mandatory labelling was seen elsewhere, including in the EU, Canada, and the United States, and some of those labels were many times larger than those in this country.”

New Zealanders should take “a good long look in the mirror” over the need to improve “highly deficient” warning labels on alcohol containers, University of Otago researchers say.

“We’re not doing a very good job,” Tessa Gray, one of the researchers, said.

Alcohol labelling “needs to be taken more seriously,” she said.

The researchers suggested that current voluntary labelling had not worked in this country.

Mandatory standardised labelling – which outlined major alcohol-related risks including those around pregnancy, drink-driving and cancer – was probably required.

“We need to provide them [the community] with accurate information,” Ms Gray said.

“Marketing material dominates what is on the alcohol container and there is little attention paid to consumers’ right to know the health risks of the product,” she said.


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