Teens can’t be stopped watching explicit media online – report

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NewsHub 4 July 2017
Family First Comment: Which is why we need an Inquiry to determine how to protect our young people and families
Young Kiwis are watching virtually any media that’s available online, no matter if it’s downloaded illegally or has an age restriction, a new report says.
Many of the teenagers surveyed also say their parents don’t know, or don’t seem to care about what they watch.
The latest Office of Film and Literature Classification report reveals Kiwi teens are able to easily access any material they wish via the internet, including age-restricted movies and TV series, as well as pornography and other potentially objectionable content.
Chief Censor David Shanks is encouraging parents to talk openly to their teenagers about healthy sex and relationships.
“It’s a significant problem,” he told The AM Show. “What is happening right now is they are watching graphic scenes of sex, sexual violence, rape – it’s affecting them, it’s shaping their attitudes and they’re not talking to adults about it. They’re certainly not talking to their parents.”
“[Teens] love the freedom – that’s perfectly normal and natural and there’s lots of positive things about that. They’re learning a lot of positive things as well as a lot of negative things.
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