The Trump Administration Accomplishments on Life, Family and Religious Freedom

I’m not here to defend Trump’s at-times terrible tone, messaging, character and communication.
But I’m more than happy to put on record that Trump’s administration has been superb on many issues of life, family and religious liberty. The link below gives you a long (impressive!) summary of superb policies over the past four years.
Trump was a breath of fresh air compared to Obama’s administration. Most of these policies will be under direct threat by the Biden administration, as they would have been if there had been a ‘Hillary administration’. (And of course, Jacinda’s policy focus won’t be too different to Biden’s)
It also highlights why most of the media hated him so much and why – ironically – they never accepted his valid election for four years – and still don’t!
Here’s just some of the highlights from the long list during Trump’s presidency:
* addressed the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (2020). In this speech, the president highlighted his administration’s commitment to advancing religious liberty, protecting unborn children, and combating human trafficking.
* reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy which blocks funding for international organisations that perform or promote abortion
* rescinded President Obama’s guidance that required public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and showers of their choice
* formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the American embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
* Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem. The document required countries which signed to develop national action plans to reduce the demand for illicit drugs, cut off supply at their borders and strengthen international cooperation. (NZ refused to sign it L)
* issued a new proposed regulation on conscience protections related to abortion
* would no longer conduct internal research using tissue from aborted babies and would greatly increase the ethics rules and safeguards that govern external fetal tissue research contracts.
* called states to join a coalition of countries that seek to advocate against pro-abortion policies at the World Health Organization and the United Nations (UN).
* 2019 hosted a meeting during the U.N. General Assembly and gave a speech solely on the topic of religious freedom – the first time a U.S. president has hosted a meeting focused solely on religious freedom at the UN.
* removed burdensome requirements that all government funding grantees, including those that are faith-based, must accept same-sex marriages and profess gender identity as valid in order to be eligible. This included the adoption and foster care space, where these requirements had been used to shut down faith-based providers of foster care and adoption. (watch the NZ scene on this issue (!))
* issued guidance on constitutionally protected prayer and religious expression in public elementary and secondary schools.
* became the first sitting president to give remarks in person at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. (2020). In his address he stated that every child is a sacred gift from God and reiterated his effort to defend the dignity and sanctity of every human life.
* during his State of the Union address 2020, President Trump called on Congress to pass legislation that would ban late-term abortions.
* confirmed 200+ judges who are constitutional originalists (will interpret the law as written, rather than interpret it according to their personal policy preferences.) (as they did in the Supreme Court with his own appeal regarding the election counting!!)
* sent a letter to the UN Secretary General advocating that the UN not push abortion during the coronavirus crisis.
* Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech on the importance of protecting life and reaffirmed the administration’s pro-life positions. He also became the first vice president to visit a pregnancy resource center
* signed an executive order that reinforces existing protections for children born prematurely, with disabilities, or in medical distress, including infants who survive abortion.
We may not miss his personality, he undoubtedly has many flaws (as do all politicians), BUT we will certainly miss his policies. The media won’t (which says it all!).

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