This dad calculated that stay-at-home mums should earn $98,000 a year

mother babyStuff 8 April 2015
Stay-at-home parenting has always been notoriously underappreciated work, but how much? Well, an American dude has put it in terms everyone – even lazy dads – can understand: cold, hard cash.

Steven Nelms of Houston – noticing the ridiculous amounts of work his wife Glory undertook in the service of looking after their son Ezra, as well as the general upkeep of their home – crunched the numbers, did the maths, and wrote up the results in a blog post titled Fathers, You Can’t Afford A Stay-At-Home Mum, which has since gone viral.

Helms used the real-life industry rates (in US dollars) of the jobs Glory completed to work out what the real-world salary for stay-at-home mums should be. For example:
Full-time nanny: $705 per week
Cleaning service: $50-$100 per week, for up to two visits
Personal shopper: $65 per hour, for up to four hours per week
Chef: $240 per week
Laundry: $25 per week
Financial assistant: $15 per hour
Personal assistant (for all your work-related crap she kindly tags along to): $75 per hour

Taken with conservative estimates on other costs, Steven found that his wife should technically be earning US$73,960 (NZ$98,538) per year for all the work she does.

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