UK couple who were told to abort child celebrate his first birthday

british flag 2NZ Herald 6 January 2015
He was born weighing less than a bag of sugar and smaller than his father’s hand.

But Jett Morris’ parents were simply relieved he was alive, having been told he would never survive and they should abort him.

When his mother Mhairi’s waters broke at just 20 weeks, doctors advised the pregnancy was “non-viable” – and prepared her for a termination.

But she and husband Paul defied doctors’ advice and believe had it not been for their determination, Jett – who is thriving and recently celebrated his first birthday – would not be here today.

Jett was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing just 1.4lbs (635g) – having survived for five weeks in the womb after his mother’s waters broke.

But his parents say that before this, they were constantly pressured by medics at East Surrey Hospital to end the pregnancy.

They claim staff gave them just five minutes to come to terms with a termination.

However Mrs Morris refused – convinced her unborn baby was healthy – and five weeks later he was born.

‘Non-viable foetus’ beats the odds, now a healthy toddler
3 News 7 January 2015 
When Mhairi Morris’ waters broke at 20 weeks, she was so premature doctors described her baby as a “non-viable foetus”.

She says they recommended an abortion – but she refused and gave birth to a tiny baby boy a few weeks later.

He let out a little squeak, giving hope a miracle might occur.

Now, little Jett has just celebrated his first birthday, a day doctors never thought he would see.

“He pushes the boundaries on everything,” says Ms Morris. “I certainly think we’re going to have our hands full in the future.”


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