Vero goes woke

According to Stuff, Vero Insurance says that offering car insurance premiums driven by a customer’s gender is no longer a good fit for a changing New Zealand society.
Nice!! Cheaper premiums for the dudes at last.
“there had traditionally been strong evidence that gender could determine the likelihood of a customer making a claim and was a legitimate part of building up a person’s risk profile. It has been reported that younger women in particular are less likely to crash than young men, but older women’s risk may be higher.”
But now…. Vero… are… WOKE!
“the company was always looking at whether products were relevant, and the male versus female binary distinction of gender was not a reflection of modern New Zealand these days, nor a true reflection of the gender spectrum of Vero’s customers.”
Yep. Because I can’t figure out my gender, I identify as a much safer driver😂

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