Month: November 2016

We must not avoid the topic of domestic violence and family structure


Iona Institute 21 November 2016 Family First Comment: Family Structure matters, but politicians won’t mention it…. “Children living with a divorced or separated mother were seven times more likely to witness domestic violence than children living with their two married…


Anorexia nervosa is similar to gender dysphoria – so why is it treated differently?


Anorexia nervosa is another disorder characterized by a distortion of body image. However, in contrast to the transgendered, who are aided in acting out a delusion with hormones and “sex-reassignment,” people with a morbid and unrealistic perception of themselves as…


WRONG! “We’ll never arrest our way out of meth problem”


Drug expert: “We’ll never arrest our way out of meth problem” NewsTalk ZB 23 November 2016 Family First Comment: Yes – that’s correct. The Drug Foundation are continuing to push for the decriminalising of ALL drugs – including P! Not…


Family Group Endorses Porn-Blocker For Families


Media Release 23 Nov 2016 Family First NZ is endorsing a new social enterprise called SAFESURFER which blocks pornographic websites and material online, and say it’s an effective way to protect children from stumbling across, or deliberately accessing, internet pornography…


Parents can meet unborn children in 3D virtual reality


The Telegraph 21 November 2016 Family First Comment: Just a ‘blob of tissue’? Yeah right! Seeing a baby in the womb for the first time on an ultrasound is a magical moment for most parents. But a groundbreaking new scanning…


Arranged marriages happier, claims former High Court family judge


The Telegraph 18 November 2016 Family First Comment: A fascinating study “It appears at first counter intuitive that Muslim women have such successful relationships when many are in arranged marriages. In fact, Muslims in arranged marriages have many of the…


All porn sites to be blocked in Israel


Independent 1 November 2016 Family First Comment: Good for NZ as well? “The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation unanimously approved the bill, which forces internet companies in the country censor adult websites by default. Backers of the new legislation claim…