3 to 1 opposition to the ‘birth certificate’ bill

New Zealanders have sent a clear message to the Government – the majority of kiwis (3:1) oppose the ‘birth certificates bill’. If the bill goes into law then birth certificates will be based on the ‘choice’ of the person (self-identification) – that is, anyone can register their nominated sex, which may be “female”, “male”, or “any other sex or gender”.

Over the past week, a very dedicated group of women from Speak Up For Women have been reviewing the submissions on the birth certificates to understand how many were for and against the proposed changes. They analysed 6,500+ submissions – an impressive effort.

Of the 6,609 submissions reviewed, 73% are against the changes with just 25% supportive of them!

The remaining 2% represent duplicated/ supplemental/ unclear submissions.

Listen to this wonderful oral submission by Mary Bullock. It’s simple, short, to the point, and does a wonderful job of expressing what we’re all thinking! “I go back to my 3rd form science…. now suddenly that’s going to be meaningless.” Well said, Mary! Biology and truth still matter.


WATCH this episode of Family Matters so that you can speak up against this social engineering being pushed by the state.

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