Why Dominic Perrottet will make the liberal elite mad as hell

The new Premier of New South Wales Dominic Perrottet shows all the hallmarks of being a great leader – as long as he keeps his spine.

According to the media, his deplorable excellent values include:

  • warning supporters of abortion they are on the “wrong side of history” and that he could not support laws that stopped “the beating heart of an unborn child”
  • opposing same-sex marriage on the grounds that “marriage is about every child’s fundamental right to grow up with their own mum and dad”
  • attacking the “pronoun police” who encourage the use of gender neutral language, and would quash an attempt by Treasury bureaucrats to lecture staff about the use of gender pronouns
  • described climate change as “a religion for the Left”
  • warned Australia should stop “throwing money” at welfare because it is contributing to rising divorce rates and single parent families
  • attended the Roman Catholic school Redfield College in Dural, which is run by Opus Dei priests
  • he praised Donald Trump’s election as US President, describing it as “a victory for people who have been taken for granted by the elites”

“If you stand for free speech, you are not a bigot. If you question man-made climate change, you are not a sceptic. If you support stronger borders, you are not a racist. If you want a plebiscite on same sex marriage, you are not a homophobe. If you love your country, you are not an extremist. These are mainstream values that people should be free to articulate without fear of ridicule or persecution by the Left.”

Move over, Israel Folau. There’s a new man in town to upset the media 🙂

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