Month: November 2016

Louisa Wall tables bill on euthanasia that isn’t a bill


Labour MP Louisa Wall tables euthanasia Bill NewsTalk ZB 18 November 2016 Family First Comment: Louisa Wall tables a flawed bill that isn’t being submitted as a bill. Go figure. #grandstanding (By the way, it has the same fundamental flaws…


Major medical marijuana trial going on in NZ


NZ Herald 13 November 2016 Family First Comment: And this is the way it SHOULD happen. Controlled, tested, safe, utilising the non-harmful but beneficial components. But definitely not liberalisation of drug laws. A major medical marijuana trial is underway in…


Mike Pence: What does the new US Vice President really believe?


NewsHub 12 November 2016 Family First Comment: Actually, when you read what he believes – as opposed to the ‘loaded’ heading by the media – he sounds SUPERB! 🙂 US Vice President-elect Mike Pence is little-known in New Zealand, but…


‘IVF produces infertile kids’


IVF is producing a new generation of infertile children, says Australian scientist Stuff 11 November 2016 A scientist in Australia says IVF is producing a new generation of infertile children. John Aitken, Newcastle University laureate professor, says IVF children…


Brexit, now Trump – what have we learnt


What have we learnt from #brexit and now #presidenttrump ?? * media are becoming increasingly irrelevant – especially because of blatant bias, but they’re out of touch * social media makes lots of noise but doesn’t reflect reality * Twitter…


3 states OK recreational pot, 3 states OK medicinal marijuana


NBC 9 November 2016 Family First Comment: Interesting that one (and possibly another, too close to call) said NO to pot. #notadonedeal California, Massachusetts and Nevada voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, giving a huge boost to the…


DISTURBING: Colorado voters approve assisted suicide


LifeSiteNews 8 November 2016 Family First Comment: “People have been inundated with the message that this is about freedom, that this is about my autonomy, that there will be safeguards in place, when the fact is when you look at…


Australian same-sex marriage vote bid rejected


NewsHub 8 November 2016 Family First Comment: The message to families from Oz politicians: Yes the Australian Labour and Green parties will take your vote if it gets them elected, but once elected, you’re completely irrelevant when you get in…