Month: December 2016

South Africa court overturns right-to-die ruling for the terminally ill


Africa News 6 December 2016 Family First Comment: Mthunzi Mhaga, the spokesman for the Department of Justice and Correctional Services, is quoted by the BBC to have said that the government is relieved that this judgement was set aside: ‘‘Our…


Justice Minister Amy Adams rejects calls for abortion reform

applause-sign 9 December 2016 Family First Comment: More good news – and more reasons that the Greens are unelectable… “The Greens are the only political party in New Zealand that backs comprehensive abortion reform. Other politicians are happy with current…


The sun will rise next week


Next week NZ will have a Prime Minister who is pro-marriage, pro-life, anti-euthanasia and a person of faith! And the sun will still rise. #lookingup


Greens want full legalisation of cannabis use


NewsHub 9 December 2016 Family First Comment: Greens confirm their unelectability – but more importantly, they are using medicinal marijuana (which has merit as a controlled and researched drug) as a smoke-screen for fully liberalising drug laws. #saynopetodope The Green…


UPDATE: The Next PM & Deputy PM and their Voting Records

parliament 2

Bill English has all but been confirmed as our next Prime Minister (and with a pretty good marriage & family issues voting record – see below). He has also indicated his opposition to euthanasia, and is well-recognised as being pro-life.…


Free the Nipple heads to Mission Bay


NewsHub 7 December 2016 Family First Comment: There’s a time and a place. This isn’t the time or the place! A Free the Nipple event set to take place on Mission Bay next week has been slammed by watchdog group…


20 y/o sex abuse victim allowed euthanasia (Holland)


Daily Mail 11 May 2016 Family First Comment: Safeguards? Yeah right! “It went ahead despite improvements in the woman’s psychological condition after ‘intensive therapy’ two years ago, and even though doctors in the Netherlands accept that a demand for death…


The Next PM – How Have They Voted On Family Issues

values voters watch

With the shock announcement of Prime Minister John Key, the focus is now on who will be our new Prime Minister next week. And where do they stand on key family issues. We will be inviting the newly appointed PM…


Death on Demand True Euthanasia Movement Goal


National Review 5 December 2016 Family First Comment: Wesley Smith is one of the best researchers and writers on this issue in the world. And of course he is once again right. Many key proponents of assisted suicide ultimately want…


McCoskrie: Euthanasia – we don’t need it


Manukau Courier 30 November 2016 Family First Comment: The Manukau Courier kindly gave us the opportunity to respond to Louisa Wall’s piece promoting assisted suicide. OPINION: Opposing euthanasia does not mean that a person opposes compassion. Patients facing death have…