Month: November 2015

Easter trading bill passes first reading

easter shop closed

Rotorua Daily Post 4 November 2015 Rotorua MP Todd McClay has hailed the passing of the Government’s Easter Trading bill at first reading last night (Tuesday) by 75 votes to 45 against as a significant step towards Rotorua having the…


PROTECT! Do It Today – Make a Submission with our easy how-to guide

euthanasia - vulnerable people

They say that euthanasia is about ‘choice’, ‘human rights’, and ‘autonomy’. But what about the choice and rights and protection and human dignity of the victims of a euthanasia law. To legalise assisted suicide (euthanasia) would place large numbers of…


Should kids take transgender classes? (UK)

gender confusion

NZ Herald 2 November 2015 Children as young as four are receiving lessons from transgender campaigners – including a man who revealed to primary school classes that he is a “trans man” and was “assigned female” at birth. Thousands of…


Strong families, prosperous states: Do healthy families affect the wealth of states?

Value of family image

American Enterprise Institute 19 October 2015 Poverty Studies, Society and Culture Economics has its roots in the Greek word oikonomia, which means the “management of the household.” Yet economists across the ideological spectrum have paid little attention to the links…


The truth about the porn industry

Porn Gail Dines

The Guardian 2 July 2010 Gail Dines is also a highly regarded academic and her new book, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, has just come out in the US, and is available online here. She wrote it primarily…


Phil Goff: Parental leave takes priority over pandas

FORUM 09 Goff

Stuff 1 November 2015 OPINION: New Zealand’s fertility rate of over four per cent in the early 1960s has more than halved today to be under 2 per cent.  Even since 2008 there has been a significant drop in the…


Rising interest for book – oh wait, maybe not.


Rising interest for controversial book in libraries NZ Herald 30 October 2015 Controversy around youth novel Into the River has stirred rising interest in the book at some libraries. In September, the president of the Film and Literature Board of…